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1. Any person who dresses, talks, behaves, sleeps,eats, watches, carries their iphone in their hand,
Wearing a hat halfway on their skull and generally exists to be like Zac Effron (uberdouche god of douchebagness)

2. Any person who wears Hollister, abercrombie and fitch and walks around
Westfield shopping center with the bags in their hands.

3. Anyone with the name Jedd, zac, toby, ed, James, anastasia, isobel, timothy
Freddie, Tom and Harry.

4. Anyone who still calls hood guys chavs.
5. Starbucks drink, iphone, tight v neck tee, skinny jeans, converses, cap halfway back from your head,
Speak with an english accent, listen to indie.

"Did you see that couple wearing abercrombie and hollister walking around westfields with iphones and starbucks drinks?"

"Yeah, what a pair of douche (uk version) !"
by king s ldn dfam September 05, 2009
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