A word used to describe the act of shitting by a female.
Yo, don't go in there for about fifteen minutes. Some bitch just dropped a nasty doucette in the shitter.
by Butterfries June 24, 2008
Top Definition
One of the coolest and greatest last names known to mankind the family with this last name, has just to breath and excellence and greatness flows through the air. Any know enemy of this great clan of great and famous noble men and women will and have been beaten to and inch of their lives.
Doucetteis a name associated with the best that ever will be, that is and ever was!
1. Man, That guy who kicked Johnny's ass was a real Doucette.

2. I think I should legally change my name to Doucette, which we all know is the "COOLEST NAME EVER"!
by Mightybiglegend June 25, 2008
Noun, often capitalized French slang for duck (waterfowl)
The President was a lame Doucette duing the final days of his term.

We roasted him like a Doucette.
by crankyboss November 12, 2010
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