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a) When your farts are already at a deadly level but it's as if your fart came to life and died again and leaked out of your butt hole.
b) When your fart lingers in an area, driving a person(s) away from that area, and when they come back, the fart is still there. (also known as a "double-taste")
a) Chris: I just farted.
Isaac: It's okay, i did too.
Chris: Holy crap, dude! I've been drinking protein shakes all day and ... ahhh!.. what the hell is wrong with your butt hole!?
Isaac: I dunno. They're pretty deadly, huh?
Chris: No man, your fart came to life and died, like a double-death fart!

b) AHHH! Who farted!?! **everyone leaves**

**everyone returns moments later** Oh My God! Why is that fart still here? I had to taste it TWICE!
by N0OS3 May 20, 2011
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