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Describes an intestinal condition wherein one is expelling the contents of the guts both by vomiting and diarrhea.
Guy 1: Hey boys I've been rockin' the double P into the AM.
Guy 2: I wish there were some easy remedy for your intestinal distress, but I think it will have to run its course.
by grunth March 31, 2015
The act of two friends determined to FSU (eff shit up) also known as PP
double P:
Paul and Pat go to the club and now everybody’s girl is impregnated.
by pimp7418 August 05, 2011
A man who takes monts or years to pay a 50 dollar or less bet.
A you owe me 40 bucks for that bet we made and its been over 5 months.. You are such a double P
by watson49er February 12, 2010

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