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Generally, this is when two girls lick and suck 1 cock in both their mouths at the same time.
When both Melissa and Sandra gave me a Double Blow Job,I blasted both their faces with a huge, sticky load of white, hot jizz and watched as they Snowball my load in both their mouths!
by E-Dog June 08, 2004
When one girl some a dude's balls and another sucks his dick at the same time. Both girls must drool and moan as much as possible so when the dude pulls out he can cum all over both chick's faces.
Amanda and Megan enjoyed giving Tom a double blowjob and Amanda really liked the taste of balls in her mouth.
by Sven787999999 May 25, 2006
When one blowjob just isn't enough; when you are horny enough that you need to cum a 2nd time after the girl swallows your initial load of cum.
Natalie pulled away after I shot a load in her mouth, but then I pushed her head back down; I decided it was going to be a DOUBLE blowjob.
by Jarred Neuman December 04, 2011
A blow job where the female sucks 2 dicks at a time.
Jim: Where were you last night?
Dick: I got wasted and let a girl give me and this random dude a double blow job.
by hlhkl February 08, 2012
Where two men simultaneously suck each others dicks and cumming in each others mouths.
Dude me and Dan totally got drunk and got double blowjobs last night!

No way! Does he swallow?
by The anus Destroyer April 14, 2014
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