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meaning a case of hungry and horny,
Watching kerry playing sports gives me the double h's
by ia July 23, 2005
When you're Hungry and Horny at the same time. This often happens to Sam.
Sam: Fuuuuuck I am so double H right now. I wish I had a guy to do and some food to nibble on...

Zach: I like men

Sam: Let's pull a porn on the cob
by beanburrruit September 24, 2010
A state of Double Happiness. Usually seeing double and being doubly happy.
God that drink made my head Double-H'ed.
by HElen February 25, 2005
Code among white supremacists/neo-Nazis meaning "Heil Hitler". See also 88.
Ephraim: You ain't a nigger lover, is you?

Jebediah: Hell no. Double H, brother!
by conculcate August 17, 2005
a fuckin amazing person. shes gorguse and sexy. she gots jobs that blow ;) you should know shes a bro. dont fuck around with her.
dood this girl 'Double H' got me gone.
by doubleh14 April 03, 2011
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