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A Duoble Gulp is an extreamly big soda, fountain drink you can buy as 7 11. It is quite a deal, a new cup is about $1.70 and a refill is $1.00. It also make for a great dildo.
Im thirsty i wish i had a double gulp.

Im horny i wish i had a double gulp.
by J.Bendorf February 28, 2010
The best $1.50 one could spend. 64oz of raw power, only at the 7/11.
Dude I'm like hella thirsty ima snag on a Double Gulp.
by Royal Dude May 28, 2006
The most amazing $2-something you can have.
64 oz. of love.
Time to chug my Double Gulp!
by Ezlo August 26, 2008
A sexual move consisting of a male/female licking, in one continuous lick, from a female's vagina to asshole (or vice versa).
Andrew loves to lick both of Amanda's holes, so he decided to give her a double gulp.
by ReynaReaktor September 10, 2006