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Taking a dump after two days of not shitting
I couldn't take my morning dump because some bathroom stalker walked up to my stall close enough that his shoes were in my space. Next day i had an enormous shit... double duty baby! Now i gotta find that stalker and kick his ass...
by goodlord! June 02, 2015
When a guy puts on a strap-on dildo and proceeds to fuck a girl in both holes at the same time. The strap-on dildo must go above the real penis.

True Double Duty is pulled off when the dildo is in the vagina and the penis is in the anus when the girl is on her back.
Philip "I took this really awesome girl home from the bar last night."

Jeffery "Ohh yea? Why was she awesome?"

Philip "She let me go double duty on her. She loved it!"

Jeffery "That is awesome."
by Dutyman April 28, 2009
Someone who is a hooker and a stripper.
If you're lucky, then that stripper at the club will be a double duty.
by mwiz March 03, 2015
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