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sex position that occurs in a threesome with two guys and one girl.
The two guys have sex with the girl at the same time, one penis is inserted into the vagina, while the other is anal.

Derived from the "double-headed dolpin", where a hand is used instead.
Guy #1: "Hey dude, how did that threesome go last night?
Guy #2: "Oh man, it was insane! we gave her the double dolphin. She totally squealed."
Guy #1: "Nice!"
by Wario-Waluigi April 14, 2009
Gay sex maneuver, where a circumcised penis is "swallowed" by the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.
NOTE the circumcised penis does NOT enter the pee hole of the uncircumcised penis, merely shares the forskin with the uncirumcised penis.
Two homos were seen doing the double dolphin
by Twiggy G April 16, 2009