to have multiple dates with different people, in a 24 hour span. Unlike "serial dating," it is specific to the two dates in one day - not an ongoing dating relationship with multiple people.
Guy1: What are your plans tonight?
Guy2: I'm double dating Kara & Veronica. Dinner with Kara at TheRestaurant, then picking up Veronica and getting drinks at TheBar.
by HeartsAndHangovers July 26, 2010
Top Definition
When 2 cars driving side-by-side preventing other vehicle passing.
Man, I was 15 minutes late this morning because I was stuck behind a pair of double daters.

Whats going with the traffic? I bet you someone is double dating.
by Pluckyj March 05, 2009
Someone that is dating two people at the same time.In between monogamy and serial dater.
" I thought we were exclusive but I found out he's been double dating."
by nursekir December 04, 2008
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