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A kick ass band from Dusseldorf Germany. Known as a German-Techo-Screamo band, they combine pop culture and german cultural classics such as Dankashan and 99 Luft Balloons to create a gritty, urban sound. They recently announced their collaboration with the band Sparkly Love for a Scandinavian Tour. Their frontmen go by Wolfman Go! and Cobra Strike Force. Hecktor, the most well known member of the band is a background dancer and love interst to Sparkly Love's token Asian, Chang. He has developed something of a cult following. They have a large and devoted fan base, but they are very loyal to their first and finest fan, Frauline Iche. She is best known for her skimpy attire for promotion of the band and her part in their hit single Meine Hände sind Bananen. They have an album coming out in 2010 called "Golden Schlampe". Basically they are the best ethnic band of all time.
I was for unconcious for seven hours after listening to "Nein". Dos Goot kicks ass.

Did you hear Wolfman Go! of Dos Goot has a severrr cocaine problem?

Mhmmm Hecktor is so fine, he totally makes Dos Goot.
#kickass #german #techo #screamo #hecktor
by I LOVE DOS GOOOOOOOOOT August 07, 2009
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