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Sleep-aid commonly used to cut or dilute heroin in the Chicago/Indianapolis area.
Hey bro go to the gas station and get some dormin so we can cook this up and make it hard.
by BigLexBubble July 29, 2011
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The forbidden name that I may not say under pain of being attacked by Tunks. Not really much pain there then. :p It's her pet name for Nimrod dontcha know.
"hahaha, dormin!"
*Tunks kicks me in the nuts*
by Elliott Solomon June 23, 2004
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The name only Tunks is allowed to use. Dormin is a name that is an inside joke and there's one that goes with it that shall not be stated for reasons unknown.

A dormin is a crazy Canadian alternate personality of Nimrod which only comes out on occasions.
Tunks will kill Elliot aka HP next time she sees him for entering such a hillarious def for Dormin. :p

Dormin is watching hockey and is skipping out on free beer just so he can chat with Tunks :p
by Tunks June 24, 2004
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