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A Doomtrain is an utterly leet person, and he's handsom at that :)
OMG, look at that Doomtrain, he rawks
by Beebo December 27, 2004
10 21
1. Unstoppable. 2. Possessing great efficiency in fragging.

Applied to an individual when he is playing a video game, most likely an FPS (first-person shooter). Usually used as a noun, but can be used as an adjective or shouted by the victor of a game.
That fellow is a true Doomtrain in Halo.
by Matthew Schanuel October 03, 2007
12 8
A special move on a video game called Gears of War created by xP I DoOm. It involves charging at an enemy with a shotgun and blasting the opponent into pieces.
That Doom Train was Sick
by KINGCOOKY April 28, 2008
3 2
The act of smashing an item with your head, typically while intoxicated.
He doomtrained that paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.
by AG5 September 06, 2006
8 13