A woman's breast. Particulary appropriate for large, well formed, nubile or otherwise desireable boob.
Damn, look at the fine dookus on that girl!

Some guys like 'em perky, but I love a woman with big dookus.

Grandma's dookus look like flapjacks.
by darcfiber September 07, 2006
Money, the green, payola, cheddar, cheese.

Used a lot in Europe/The Netherlands by the black community.
As in "Hey Ho, where's my Dooku?" I want all my Dooku, not some, not half, but all my Muthafukin Dooku! *Slap!*
by v1nce November 27, 2003
An infuriating tyranical woman with a hairy mole
Dooku advised I be more enthusiastic while doing all her work, so I enthusiastically bludgeoned her with my Lexmark printer
by APD June 18, 2004

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