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N.,V., Prefix (Doogle-)

N. 1. A piece of food(commonly fruit or hotdog) that has been used in the act of masturbatory happenings, thought to be imbued with the essence of the person.
2. The slang term for a Frenchman who has retreated on the battlefield.
V. 1. To masturbate with food.
Prefix(Doogle-)To masturbate with following object. Ex. Dooglesetting- To masturbate with silverware, Doogleclowning-To masturbate with a clown, etc.
N. Johnny ventured into the bathroom after his older brother was done, but little did he know the bananas and apples in there would begin to dance because they were no longer fruits but had been transformed into the mystic Dooglesnackins, he cried.
2. The Dooglesnackin ran as fast as he could when the Panzer topped the hill, running straight into a battle ready troop of German soldiers, he cried.
V. Will was overly excited when he got the ham out of the oven, and should have waited twenty minutes for it to cool before dooglesnackin and only waited five thus burning his genitals, he cried.
by Cory Strawbridge September 06, 2004
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