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Playing at Doodle Jump on your iPhone while taking a dump.
Mike's sister: "Mike get out of there, I can't hold it anymore!"

Mike: "Shut up I'm taking a Doodle Dump and I've almost reached 150 000 points!"
by The Fisting Ranger April 08, 2010
The act of playing "Doodle Jump" while taking a dump. (most fun when playing in a public bahroom with no sound so when you die and curse, the other people around will be scared.)
Will ferrell and I were Doodle Dumping together while taking a poop in the stalls next to each other.
by Bossdog a.k.a Juicy J July 06, 2010
Taking a dump while playing doodle jump. In order to leave the bathroom you must exceed a pre set point limit on the game. This activity is absolutely crucial during long bouts of waiting for something exciting eg pre-concert, movie previews, etc.
Dude 1: Hey, where did regis go?
Dude 2: He's gonna be awhile, hes locked in a doodle dump session.
Dude 1: Ahh I see...
by Ciaphas November 19, 2011

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