Doochbag, is used instead of swearing at someone. it is a word that pops up in many movies and is known as an American word.
"Mate your mom is soooooo HOT!!!"
"You are such a doochbag!!!"


"oh my god i just ask this model out and then when she said yes i wet myself...."
"You Doochbag!"
by Jediknight May 20, 2008
Top Definition
Dooch bag is the verbal mispronunciation of douche bag, as doosh bag is the written misspelling of doosh bag.

Also, a blatant mispronunciation of the word douche bag, used by mitches.
"I had 14 kills on Halo and was about to get a perfection when someone on my team betrayed me. What a dooch bag!"
by Coco Puffz June 21, 2009
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