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Dooch bag is the verbal mispronunciation of douche bag, as doosh bag is the written misspelling of doosh bag.

Also, a blatant mispronunciation of the word douche bag, used by mitches.
"I had 14 kills on Halo and was about to get a perfection when someone on my team betrayed me. What a dooch bag!"
by Coco Puffz June 21, 2009
Doochbag, is used instead of swearing at someone. it is a word that pops up in many movies and is known as an American word.
"Mate your mom is soooooo HOT!!!"
"You are such a doochbag!!!"


"oh my god i just ask this model out and then when she said yes i wet myself...."
"You Doochbag!"
by Jediknight May 20, 2008