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Doo Doo Boarding is similar to the torture technique water boarding but instead of using a rag and water u simply put ur anus into the victims mouth and make sure u have consumed a massive ammount of chipotle, P.F. Changs and Taco Bell And maybe a little KFC To inhance Extra stanky doo doo butter A.K.A Diahrea The proccess is simple put ur anus into the mouth of the one being tortured and repeatally start dumpin ur doo doo sauce into the victims mouth and this will make her throw it back up into ur butt hole and repeat the process untill the victim speaks.-perfected by the old spice guy.
Johnny was totaly doo doo boarding his girlfriend untill she literaly barfed her own shit out because he found out she was cheating on him
by AdrianOnUD September 04, 2010
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