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Fag, turd clown, shit thief, pickle puffer, turd burglar, rump ranger, ass blaster, chocolate starfish puncher, butt pirate...
Gawd, look at that absolutely disgusting donut puncher trying to blow little boys in the wayside toilet.
by exterminator December 10, 2003
226 122
A crude but often humorous reference to the male rectum. Often, it is in reference to anal sex with a male, thus the "punch" part of the definition. Also can be a reference to male fisting.
"Hey, you do know that guy is a donut puncher, right?"
by The Masticator May 02, 2005
123 40
homosexual that likes to fist up the ass
by Raul March 08, 2003
68 57
another term for the gay man
My roommate just told me he is a fucking donut puncher
by Rooster January 29, 2005
9 5
One who likes it 'round the rim.
he has punched more donuts that a baker!
by Justin D. May 16, 2004
39 36
1. matt bower
2. a homosexual
3. ass pirate
Dont punch donuts you donut puncher
by pablo March 08, 2003
35 60
Someone who partakes in a punishable offence whilst on a soccer pitch.
As informed by a 6 year old, who felt he needed to tell us about the risks of being a donut puncher: "If you punch someone in the donut, you get a yellow card."
by Rob Sutherland September 08, 2005
11 44