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(1.) A donut shop where coffee and donuts are served.
(2.) A smoker's heaven, a place where typically every smoker in the area will hang out for hours on end.
(3.) A place where every young kid in town (typically from ages 16-25) will chill between the hours of 8:00pm- 4:00am and waste their life away by talking to their friends about other people they dislike while they are sitting within earshot.
(4.) A place where old and retired people come to smoke and drink coffee during the peak hours of the day, between 12:00pm- 6:00pm. Normally they come in and sit at the same seat everyday, and order the same drinks.
(5.) Also commonly called "DC" for short, a place to go when there is nowhere else.
(6.) The "coolest" place to be in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
Bob: "Yo, let's head over to DC!"
Joey: "Where? Washington? Dude, you know I'm broke."
Bob: "No, you dumbass! Donut Connection!"
Joey: "Ohh... rigghhttt..."
by bobbypin June 24, 2008
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