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fat, oafish guy that never showers and has bad teeth.
Drives an Envoy that is in his aunt's name 'cause he doesn't want to pay his bills.
see ball-tick
Quick hide, here comes that ball-tick Donte. I can't stand him.
by J Marek January 11, 2004

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donte is a fun loving guy with a big ass dick generally black. gets pussy from girls. He loves his haters and oneday will become famous
Donte get sso much pussy i wish i was him
by nonofurbuis October 20, 2010
A fun loving guy that gets hella bitches. He has a 8 inch cock and he loves to cuddle. He keeps long relationships and he is honest. He would never cheat on a girl and loves the ladies. If you see a donte you should instently hug him because he gives great hugs!
Guy 1: dam look at donte he gets all the bitches

Guy2 : i wish iw as him he is my role model
by dashit111111111 January 07, 2012
A cool ass name from the 80's, also a slick fun and loving person who can't keep a job.
"Get that Donte off your couch before he eats all the damn groceries"
by supper June 19, 2008
a word for a gay man who likes to design clothes.
John likes to knit like a donte.
by donte November 06, 2003