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Donna Noble is the Doctor's companion in the fourth series of long-running, popular British sci-fi show "Doctor Who".

Played by Catherine Tate, she was originally written as a one off companion for the 2006 Xmas special "The Runaway Bride". When it was announced that she was returning for series 4, the internet broke. A lot of people were venemently opposed to her return, some people were ecstatic, and some people determined to remain opinionless.

By the end of series 4 however, her brilliant timing, one-liners, fantastic attitude and general awesomeness had won over almost 100% of the fanbase, and Donna Noble has come to be regarded by many as one of the best things to happen to Doctor Who.

Her tragic exit in Journey's End (which I won't go into for fear of spoiling people/reminding people) bought many a fangirl and boy to tears, of epic proportions. That episode aired last June, and a lot of fans still can't get over it.
2. Donna (to the Doctor): "You great big outerspace dunce."
3. Fan #1: Did you see Journey's End?
Fan #2 : YES. Ohhh it was so sad. Whyyyyyyyyyy Russell?! WHY?!
by Doctor-Who-Geek February 17, 2009