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To be slapped round the face with a penis
"Oh shit! you got donkey chopped dude!"
"Man Id love to donkey chop that broad"
by whitetrashhero November 18, 2007

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When ninjas are having anal sex at the point of ejaculation, the pitching ninja delivers a skull crushing chop to the catching ninja on the back of the head causing the sphincter to tighten around his ninja penis increasing his ninja pleasure and causing the release of a buttload of semen.
Arlyn: Hey dude, I just picked up this sweet ass ninja porn

Ian: No donkey chop, no care.
by Faer November 15, 2004
This is when just after a Donkey Punch is given to the girl during sexual intercourse; the girl hits the boy back in the face and chops his penis off with a rusty nail.
"I always make sure I have a rusty nail handy during sex; just incase there's a donkey punch and I have to give him a donkey chop."

"The answer to a donkey punch: a donkey chop."
by phoebeandmaddie March 25, 2010
A person who hasn't the ability to make sense.

A person who over-engages in incessant chatter.
Oh no, here comes Donkey chops!
by Stew October 10, 2004