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"Donkey Hunting" refers to the act that women attempt or succeed in when pursuing a "donkey". A donkey is any man who is any one of or multiples of the following:
- looks dumb
- generally tall
- has pluggish qualities or engages in pluggish acts
- has a loser job or is unemployed
- has no immediate future
- acts like a douchebag
Friend #1: Hey have you seen where the girls went?

Friend #2: Not a clue. Best guess... they're over by the bar looking for any donkey who will buy them a beer and feed them a cheap line. Classic donkey hunting.

Friend #1: Oh true, makes sense, after all, they are all whures
by bigron0797 July 26, 2011
The act of getting drunk.
Let's go donkey hunting nigga at stink's house!
by The Boy Who Drank Too Much July 27, 2006
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