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A very High Ball, bowled in Cricket
The bowler sends a ball down the crease but lets the ball loose at the top of his swing, resulting in a very high 'full toss' type ball, coming down on the Batsman's head, often a No Ball.
Defined so as it comes out of the sky so fast that if it hit a donkey on the head it would knock it out.

the opposite of a 'P-Roller' which goes along the ground towards the batsman's feet.
'England require four runs to take the game in the ninth over before tea here at Edgbaston. Lilley makes his run up and... Oh No he's sent it high, its a real Donkey Dropper, Brearley has his hands over his head, its coming down fast...with snow on it'
by Mr Cunninglinguist October 04, 2012
A retard.

(When a donkey is born out of the anus and it falls on its head, it is a retard, in other words a Donkey Dropper
The man is a right royal donkey dropper!
by Lee Cook May 19, 2005
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