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A game similar to "Punch Buggy" in which players try to spot "Donks" (excessively lifted cars, especially Impalas, with gigantic wheels, outrageous paint jobs, and faux-expensive accessories). Once a player spots a Donk, he must yell "Donk Bonk!" and is permitted to punch another person near him*. Generally played while in a moving vehicle, pedestrians can play too. The creators of this game strongly advise against punching the driver in such a way that you all end up like poor, poor Ryan Dunn.

*While anyone can be brought into this game, you may want to use some discretion about bonking strangers.
('93 Monte Carlo with 35" rims and a Cookie Monster custom paint job rolls past)
Me: DONK BONK! (punches you)
You: Rats!
by Rad Cactus June 26, 2011
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