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ITIL Change Management (ITSM)

Done a Beaman

is "an event that results in a new status of one or more configuration items (CIs) unapproved by management, not cost effective, hinders business process changes with a maximum risk to IT infrastructure"

The common outcomes of "doing a beaman" are

- Maximum disruption of services

- Frequent system 'black outs'

The common causes of "doing a beaman" are
- Android OS
- Poor Time Management
- Delusions of ones attractiveness to women
- Poor health and personal hygiene
Untested system changes before annual leave, or major changes at end of working day, which result in loss of time and money to ones employer

(in addition to loss of respect)

Service Desk Operator "Has the email system gone down?"

after several minutes of checking

Server engineer " it looks like xxxx has done a beaman"
by Official ITILĀ®. October 23, 2010
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