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Donald Faison is the second main character on NBC's sitcom Scrubs. JD's best friend who has diabetes and a saucy latina wife Carla. JD and Turk (Donald Fasion) own a stuffed dog Rowdy. They met in med school and lived together for twelve years.

Was on the show Clueless and was a lifeguard in real life. Great at napkin improv.
Mackenzie: Who is your favorite black actor?
Madison: Donald Faison! Next to Zach Braff that is.

Turk: You know, I never get chocolate cake.
Elliot: Oh, right, cause you're diabetic. Boo hoo. You know Turk, if you want sympathy, get a disease people can see

Carla: What if we have a son and he wants to dance?
Turk: He can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind. Cause his friends don't dance and if they dont dance then they're no friends of mine, (music plays) (Turks goes off dancing the safety dance)
by madisonmorgan May 24, 2009
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