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Full phrase being "Don't shit in the sandbox just because you dug a big hole"
In reference to children attempting to dig to china in their sandboxes, the moral of the phrase is that you shouldn't stop trying hard just because you've achieved /something/. For example, just because you've graduated and you have a steady job and you're doing fine doesn't mean you shouldn't go to college and aim for a degree. It's constantly striving to be better that bring people the greatest of success.

Also - just don't shit in the sandbox, that's just rude.
Kathleen: "You know I've been working at this damn office for 5 years, no promotion, no new faces. I think I'm gonna call it quits."

Jessica: "Don't shit in the sandbox just yet! I hear your boss Roger is getting ready to fire that bitch of an assistant he has, and I'm pretty sure you're next in line!"

Kathleen: "Shit in the...what? What is that even supposed to mean?"

Jessica: "I don't grandpa used to say it all the time."
by Janice Booterman January 31, 2010

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