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The ultimate battle of two men whose names speak for themselves. Don Grady would win every presidential election without John Ellis running against him. In that election, it would be difficult to say who would win, but John Ellis seems to be more popular and would probably win. Don Grady should then be given the Vice Presidency due to his popularity also. John Ellis and Don Grady are our heroes.
"Dude, did you hear about that presidential election Don Grady v. John Ellis?"
"Wait, you mean the one between Barack, Hillary, and John?"
"Nah, man. I'm talking about Grady v. Ellis."
"Ahh, yeah, that election was tight. And by tight I mean awesome."
"I feel you man. What a move John Ellis made by selecting Grady as his VP, such a virtuous and humble man that Ellis is."
"Hell yeah. The country is in good hands with Ellis and Grady at the reins."
by CJ25INC February 25, 2008

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