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Reserved for males only. Use when describing a 100% walking, talking dildo or talking cock head.

Greasy slicked back hair with gold accessories are often seen on a Don Dilly. Gold pinky rings are common place.
A true Don Dilly is usually full of himself and at the same time full of shit.
I just got back from getting some coffee and watched this Don Dilly chat up the Barista about all his big internet plans and how he is building the next billion dollar cell phone app. He was about 46 years old and sporting a busted suit, a gold pinky ring, clear nail polish and a bus transfer.
by WhatTheHellAreYou October 21, 2013
To fuck a broad and cum in less than 12 seconds
I Don Dilly'd that sexy girl the other night....she didn't even feel my dick.
by Don Dilly September 17, 2014

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