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A small group of 10 or so geeks/nerds that gather after school in Mr. Domingo's classroom. While some kids are reading and/or studying there, they participate in the unholy Academic Decathlon. They laugh at the stupidest of things, in which the jokes are questionable at best.

These are some of the kids I can recall that are Domingo's Nerds: (names may not be included)

•Responsible, helpful, blue-eyed Nazi that can be noted as the ring leader.
•Short Japanese girl with a high pitched voice.
•Pastey white male that tends to read in the back of the room.
•Bulky white male with a comically oversized goatee. Tends to say "Hello, friends!" with an idiotic look on his face. Possibly a homosexual since he requests hugs from men.
•Filipino male that hasn't completely fallen to Domingo's manipulation.
•Ping, an Asian that solves Rubik's Cubes. Nuff' said.
•Pong, shorter Asian prodigy of mine.
•Korean female that tries to be Japanese.
•Alan, Domingo's Nerds refer to him as "Keith". He looks British.
•Massively overweight Filipino girl.
Domingo's Nerds Classroom Example:

Mr. Domingo: "Alright, here's the toss-up! What is the term for the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter?"
*Goat boy buzzes in*
Goat Boy: Eisenberg's Theory!
*classroom erupts in laughter*

Uhm, what?
by Kevin (BessieTheSuperCow) September 06, 2007
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