In wrestling context, a "Dolph Ziggler" is a wrestler that constantly loses matches and is overrated. Being a "Dolph Ziggler" simply implies to be a "jobber". Some people may also refer to these jobbers as "Zack Ryder's".

Typical CM Punk fan (IWC fan): "Oh shit, Dolph Ziggler lost again! He deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion! He and CM Punk are the best wrestlers ever!

Attitude Era Fan: "Meh... He is a jobber..."
by DarkPaul March 25, 2013
Top Definition
Dolph Ziggler is an awesome wrestler. He is most notable for the catchphrase "Hi... I'm Dolph Ziggler!!!"

He has slick hair, and is a very charismastic guy.

Some people also know him as the former caddy of Kerwin White, or as a former member of the Spirit Squad.
Vince - "Hi... I'm Dolph Ziggler!!!"

Shane - "No you aren't. Dolph is a cool guy, you aren't"
by SteRDLK May 29, 2009
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