1. The opposite of a soldier
2. A soldier who specializes in being beat
3. Someone who gets beat up while freestyle rap battling
4. A person who fails at life
I used to be a doldier, but now I'm a soldier.
by Tony Yayo April 03, 2005
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Top Definition
1.The bottom of the 'Gangsta' hierarchy. So low they are not recognized as true soldiers, due to lack of full trust. They are petty street thugs, pulling off small odd jobs ordered to them by the higher man. Someone who just joined a set and are still doing things to prove themselves before getting in any deeper.

2. A fake thug/gangster. They are from the worst hoods you hear about, but took no part in any of the wrong-doing, hence they are not looked upon as true soldiers in the hood sense of the word.
(Phone Conversation)
Person 1: Son, I'm about to drop-off, you ready?
Person 2: Yeah, I'm going to send T to go get that, that's my lil' doldier. He going to be wearing a white hoodsweat with red dice all over it, so be on the look out.
Person 1: You sure?
Person 2: Yeah, he good...I trust him for now.

"Get you a doldier homie, mold the homie, tell him get that clockwork." - Juelz Santana

"It's over for the Roc, you doldiers need to stop, 'fore we roll up in the drop, with the toast out the box like show me what you got" - J.R. Writer
#thug #petty thug #gangster #gangsta #streets
by TRuss November 20, 2006
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