n. /dōk/

1. Penis. (Origin: ME /Dok/ Trimmed tail hair. Similar: Dock n. The solid or fleshy part of an animal's tail, as distinguished from the hair.)

2. (Slang) Derogatory term. (Similar: Dick.)

3. Interjection. (Used to express surprise, irritation, disgust, etc. Similar: Hell.)
"A MMA fighter misplaced a knee strike, hitting the opponent in the doke."

"That cashier at Wal-mart was such a doke!"

"What the doke!"
by NexSerenade October 18, 2012
When a girl is wearing short shorts and their bottom hangs out the back
"That girl has nasty doke"
by Dokelover February 27, 2012
A direct forehead to opponent's skull headbutt, made while ungrappled, and frequently made on the downstroke after jumping to a higher position. Forehead to forward parietal plate contact is the preferred method of contact.

Can also describe the act of performing such a headbutt. Contact must be made skull-to-skull.

(Originated in late 80's, NorCal - from the Onomatopoeia for skulls clonking together)
If that little douche tries to steal our keg pump one more time, I will ask Dave to doke him into unconsciousness.
by Lt. Chocho Panocha July 19, 2010
short for diet coke
yo ass wipe try doke u might loose some weight
by Tommy D October 12, 2003
diet coke
dude go get some coke from aisle 2

naw i'm trying to lose weight, i'll go get some doke
by eie11 March 07, 2011
awesome, stellar, amazing, cool

typically used to described sexy blonde girls named meredith and sarah.
Suzie America: That was a great movie!
Joe Shmoe: Yes, it was quite DOKE.


Paris Hilton: thats doke


Homer Simpson: DOKE!


Casey I: Guys, guess what, Doke, blah blah blah DOKE
A derivative of dork.
"You a doke!"

"Dokes attack!"

"I'z dokey :D"
by Kablay November 11, 2007
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