(verbal phrase) - having sex, particularly with a flexible partner.
Boss - So what'd you do last night?
Worker - I was hanging out with my girlfriend.
B - Were you doing yoga with the lights off?
W - I don't feel comfortable talking about that with you at work.
B - Why not?
W - Cause you're my boss.
B - C'mon. We're friends.
W - No we're not. We never hang out outside of work.
B - Fine, tell me if you were doing yoga with the lights off with your girlfriend last night or i'll fire you.
W - What!? You're seriously playing that card right now?
B - I'm seriously playing that card right now.
W - <ugh> Fine...yes, we did yoga with the lights off.
B - Nice...wanna draw it?
by Noro Machine August 10, 2010

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