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The act of copying the distinctive vocal and acting style of popular Broadway performer Kristin Chenoweth. This may involve a quirky and/or squeaky character voice, playing a role as ditzy or flighty regardless of whether there is textual basis for such an interpretation, using the upper vocal range for comedic effect, etc. Young sopranos often resort to doing the Cheno out of inexperience, as an easy way to make an impact and sell a performance in the absence of the ability to interpret a role in a more mature fashion or to develop and apply the true potential of the soprano voice.
Thelma: Did you enjoy the local high school's production of Oklahoma! last weekend?
Louise: Yes, but the girl who played Laurey was weak. She just did the Cheno the whole time.

Drama Teacher: I'm so proud of the progress you have made as an actress since freshman year.
Senior: Thanks! I can't believe I used to think doing the Cheno was a strong choice!
by Papa Motel September 22, 2013
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