To pull out of a commitment at the latest possible opportunity, often to the severe detriment of other parties involved.
Person 1: "Dude, can I have a kidney?"
Person 2: "Sure"

On operating table:
Person 2:"Lol jk, no kidney for you"
Person 1: "You're Doing a Mace! Noooo"*Dies*
by Deffer91 May 28, 2010
Top Definition
Announcing that you intend to do something but then pull out at the last minute much to the annoyance of everyone involved.
Person 1: Hey, would you like to move in with me?
Person 2: Of course.

Day before moving in-
Person 2: Oh I can't move in, i'm a complete bastard.
Person 1: 'Doing a Mace' I see, no more being alive for you!
(Person 2 is beating to death with a hammer as Person 1 is very annoyed)
by iamnotmark! May 27, 2010
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