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To do a DSK

Action of forcing a women to engage in sexual activities or to provide sexual favors. Force can be physical but doesn't strictly have to be physical.

In some cases, men engaging in a DSK agree to provide their female counterpart with various advantages including cash, promotions, career steps and influence. Men doing DSK's must be very prominent political or economical figures.

Typically, men convicted in the US of a DSK where physical force was present (DSK-felons) will spend 5 to 20 years in prison, pending on cases. Conviction are much more likely when evidence of physical force was present.

This is very different on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. In France, for instance, DSK's remain part of the political culture. Political power and influence of male politicians have been shown to grow stronger with their greater amount of DSK occurrences. Yet DSK occurrences are generally covered up at the highest level and accepted by the French judiciary system.
The Senator James ZYZ of the State of XY stepped down after allegations of doing a DSK on two staff members since being in office. It is not sure whether physical force was used during the DSK.

Both staff members were compensated and agreed to withdraw their complaint, while the monies associated with the deal remain unknown.

The criminal investigation is pending and since Mr. ZYZ stepped down, and already faces the end of his political career, charges may be dropped.
by Frankitou May 16, 2011
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