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A term used when someone is trying to pick up a member of their preferred sex.

For instance someone in a club might be there to "do work" which is to say that they are there to meet some ladies and hopefully score some digits or perhaps some play.

Not to be confused with 'Kobe Doing Work' which was a Spike Lee Joint using a more literal definition of the term, meaning to work hard.
Erik: "Dude there are some hot ladies out here tonight"
Curl: "Why don't you head out on the dance floor and do work"
Erik: "Word"

Guy: "Hey man, nice to see you out in the club"
Other Guy: "Yeah you know, I'm just here doing work"
by MellionBob June 13, 2009
Another term for masturbating.
Cliff: Hey, where's Ross?
Trevor: Probably home, doing work.
Cliff: But I thought he worked at... Ohhhhhhhh.
by imacat_meow August 20, 2007

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