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Doin a Zack is when you travel to Compton to buy a prostitute for the first time. When you see one to your liking, you pull over and ask how much. She gives you a price and gets in the car. You turn to get the money, and when you turn back to face her, a giant 13-inch dick is staring you in the face. Upon seeing this, you kick that ass out of the car and go home to take a shower.
Mike : Oh my god i had the worst night last night.
Jason : Why, what happened?
Mike : I ended up doin a Zack.
Jason :Wtf is that?
Mike : I wanted to buy a prostitute and take her back to my place to get a hellen keller, but then she wipped out the biggest dick i've ever seen.
Jason : O shit that sucks.
by wh #3 January 16, 2010
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