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The undeliberate and carefree result of carefree typing where the word produced could be interpreted more than one way, each of which carries the authors sentiment.
"I don't drink - Oh and I'm down to 11 stone!"

"At all! good jod!"

(the doijing here is jod i.e. job or god, I don't care, either interpretation is fine)
by Monkey's Day Out May 15, 2010
2 1
The act of eschewing spending time with ones mates in order to spend time with ones girlfriend.

e.g "Mate, wanna go out for a few drinks this evening?"

"Sorry mate, i can't 'cause i'm doijing."
by Kamikaze90Watermelon March 30, 2009
16 5
The performance of typographical errors which no one really cares about. Especially in chat windows.
"You should be smiling too! Always interested in more work! It's a great excuse not to do housework!"

"Im the other way round. I do housework to avoid doijing work"
by monkey's day out May 15, 2010
2 1