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The act of eschewing spending time with ones mates in order to spend time with ones girlfriend.

e.g "Mate, wanna go out for a few drinks this evening?"

"Sorry mate, i can't 'cause i'm doijing."
by Kamikaze90Watermelon March 30, 2009

The undeliberate and carefree result of carefree typing where the word produced could be interpreted more than one way, each of which carries the authors sentiment.
"I don't drink - Oh and I'm down to 11 stone!"

"At all! good jod!"

(the doijing here is jod i.e. job or god, I don't care, either interpretation is fine)
by Monkey's Day Out May 15, 2010
The performance of typographical errors which no one really cares about. Especially in chat windows.
"You should be smiling too! Always interested in more work! It's a great excuse not to do housework!"

"Im the other way round. I do housework to avoid doijing work"
by monkey's day out May 15, 2010
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