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A sudden outburst/exclamation which expresses one's disgust on someone particularly hideous, salty, sloppy, fugly, and other words of that nature.

In other words, its a natural reaction to the sudden sight of what you believe to be the most vile and disgusting woman/man. 'DOHHHHHHH!!!' is the next thing heard, coming out of your mouth, in pure disgust and even fright.

Pronounced the same manner as "door". Not to be mixed up with a "doe" sound.
*in the slimy depths of scrumplewood, whereas there is the mating of two inglorious domestic french walrus's condensing in moist mosquito bait liquid*
Passing Explorer: DOHHHHHHHH!!!! WTF am I seeing!

Tom: Its hotter in here than a tuck shop lady's armpits
Seb: Dohhhh!!
by phat-G March 06, 2011

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