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To drag someone by thier balls.
I'mma dogwalk yo ass!
by One Awsome motherflooper February 07, 2010
2 6
A term used to define total domination.
A corvette will "dog walk" a Scion TC. Or Marks Scion got "dogwalked" by that Sky Redline. Mark got "dogwalked" by Dell in that fight!
by Jeff Jeffro Jefrey September 23, 2008
40 12
Leaving a party without saying goodbye to anyone.
Rhonda was feeling slightly awkward at the house party where she didn't know anyone, so she dog walked.
by yogabbagabba177 December 14, 2009
5 9
this is another name for the D-DoG Dance which originally was created by a small gang in new york.
yo man dat nigga doin the dog walk all ova that grim set flag!
by comptonnigga November 04, 2007
4 10
A gang dance that was developed in New York.
Dat nigga Dog Walked all over that grim set flag!
by NiggaSteve November 11, 2007
8 15