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a computer virus thought to be from asia... that dogs you as an online seller... decreasing prices on similar items you sell til you can no longer compete
a seller sells widgets for 1 dollar the virus dogs you and sells for 99 cents you lower to 90 cents within minutes dogbot lowers to 89 cents... this is DogBot Virus in action
by dogbotmn August 08, 2013
A little know computer virus some claim is run by the Chinese government, that dogs american online retailers and undercuts prices by pennies at a time via A robot system...
example a DogBot Virusis is if your selling widgets for 4.99... the dogbot will set it's prices at 4.98 , you lower your price dogbot lowers and so on and so on til your losing money with every sale.. the virus will dog you, like a blood hound chasing an escaped convict.
by DogBots Suck August 05, 2013