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the act of betraying your friends!
so and so got engaged over the weekend but instead of telling his close mates, they found out via text message from his women! dog act!!
by p whipped! March 22, 2005
11 22
A phrase used by Sydney's Lad community. Describing an action by another which is bad for the user.
"Johnno, you didn't come mate, thats a DOG ACT."
by Andy From Australia November 18, 2007
21 33
1 - Ripping the final cone from a mix in which you didn't financially contribute towards.
2 - An empty mixbowl of any sort.
3 - Splashback whilst ripping a cone.
4 - Devouring all of the munchies which you didn't pay for (Redskins in particular)
5 - To sell me kiff, trying to pass it off as bud.
Connie - *bubble* *gurgle* *rip......rip...* *RIP*

Me - Oi, Connie polished off the last cone of MY mix, man......mother fuckin' dead set DOG ACT!
by Chris Norman March 29, 2006
17 29