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One who continuously has unattractive girlfriends.
Did you see John's new girlfriend? Man, he's a real dog walker!
by Hale December 13, 2003
Also "dog walker". A homosexual male, usually (but not always) rather effeminate. So called because of the greater-than-average percentage of gay males in the pet-care and pet-grooming industry, and the fairly common practice among gays as well as straights of walking dogs at the park or other public place as a way of meeting people.
"Man, check out those two guys over there with the pink poodles. What a couple of dogwalkers!"

"That sissy works for my veterinarian. The job suits him perfectly-- he's a real dogwalker."
by For Whom the Bell Trolls October 07, 2007
A cute girl who always goes out with a pack of ugly friends... aka dogs
-hey you want to go to that pregame with that girl and her friends?
* you mean the dogwalker?
*O she wasn't a DOGWALKER? Sorry I thought she was because her friends were just plain dogs!
by nowaxxy22-MWM April 21, 2011
Someone so ugly, they have to get a job working with dogs to look good
That girl is such a dogwalker, I can't believe she has a man.
There's a reason that DW lives off his parents...
by rerod October 04, 2011
a person who takes their clothes off for the sole purpose of having rude, drunk and in most instances perverted men stare, yell and degrade them for the whopping sum of $1.

Often used discreetly while in the company of "important" people as to not allow this "important" person to know what you are talking about.

To be used in the place of the most commonly known : stripper
(as his boss walks by)
Eric: "So, How long has Fantasia been a Dogwalker?"
Roo: " About 5 Month's. And she loves it."
by Shox August 18, 2004
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