Thing (project, item, etc.) that is uncompletable or undoable for any number of reasons. Like a dog that would bury his bone in the yard and forget about it.
That project is just a dogbone!

Go work on those dogbones, they need to get completed. They have been in production for more than 6 months now!
by Franky Baby May 01, 2006
Top Definition
Verb:when the male member is held horizontally and bitten or nibbled
1. i love it when she dog bones its, holds it like a hot dog and bites it.
by 8bitninja November 07, 2010
A girls ass that curves out real nice from her waist and resembles a dog bone. =3
guy 1: damn man she got a straight dog bone...
guy 2: hell yea she do
by BiG oL' buTTs tiCKlE My nUTz September 02, 2010
To whom it may concern,
"Dogboning" is the subtle, yet powerful art of holding one's testicles and phallus together with a firm grasp in what is otherwise known as a jelqing position in order to achieve maximum physical potential.
It is strongly recommended that one should compliment his urinal adversary with a firm and thoroughly grasped dogbone.
by Adona1 December 06, 2015

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