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Thing (project, item, etc.) that is uncompletable or undoable for any number of reasons. Like a dog that would bury his bone in the yard and forget about it.
That project is just a dogbone!

Go work on those dogbones, they need to get completed. They have been in production for more than 6 months now!
by Franky Baby May 01, 2006
A girls ass that curves out real nice from her waist and resembles a dog bone. =3
guy 1: damn man she got a straight dog bone...
guy 2: hell yea she do
by BiG oL' buTTs tiCKlE My nUTz September 02, 2010
Verb:when the male member is held horizontally and bitten or nibbled
1. i love it when she dog bones its, holds it like a hot dog and bites it.
by 8bitninja November 07, 2010